Featuring Homemade Soups and Pastries From Scratch & locally roasted coffee!

Located Inside Basics

Basics Co+op Coffeeshop & Deli (formerly Lucy's Loon Lake) offers wraps, sandwiches, salads, homemade soups and more with plenty of seating for you to relax.

We proudly serve locally roasted Just Coffee Co-op espresso and coffee. Enjoy a traditional drink or add one of our NEW boosts like turmeric, MCT oil, grassfed collagen or organic ghee!


full-service Coffee Bar Hours are 6am-2pm Mon-Sat, 8am-2pm sun

Self-serve "after hours coffee" is available after 2pm (drip only).


featured soups & coffees for 12/11 through 12/17

Mon 12/11
Soup--West African Peanut (vegan & gluten-free) + Beef and Veggie Noodle
Coffee--WTF (dark) + Soul Shaker (medium)

Tues 12/12
Soup--Beef and Veggie Noodle + Chili Con Cashew (vegan)
Coffee--Revolution (dark) + Bike Fuel (medium)

Wed 12/13
Soup--Chili Con Cashew (vegan) + Creamy Potato Broccoli (gluten-free)
Coffee--WTF (dark) + Basics Blend (medium)

Thur 12/14
Soup-- Creamy Potato Broccoli (gluten-free) + Coconut Curry Lentil (vegan & gluten-free) 
Coffee--WTF (dark) + Bike Fuel (medium)

Fri 12/15
Soup--Coconut Curry Lentil (vegan & gluten-free) + Creamy Tomato Basil (gluten-free)
Coffee--Revolution (dark) + Soul Shaker (medium)

Sat 12/16
Soup--Creamy Tomato Basil (gluten-free) + Rosemary Lima Bean (vegan & gluten-free) 
Coffee--WTF (dark) + Bike Fuel (medium)

Sun 12/17
Soup--Rosemary Lima Bean (vegan & gluten-free) + Stuffed Pepper (gluten-free)
Coffee--Revolution (dark) + Basics Blend (medium)

Don't forget to check out our deli case for more healthy grab-and-go options!

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