Heather Hoffman, featured co-op owner


My passion for co-ops started nearly 30 years ago!  Looking for a j-o-b at about twenty, I had no idea what a privilege being hired as a receptionist at North Farm Cooperative would be. I am overwhelmingly thankful for that early exposure to a different way of looking at health. The kindness and genuineness of that company, and the folks that ran it, had a bigger impact on me than they could ever know. I have supported co-ops in every place I have lived, since. Basics is my local co-op now, and it is a pleasure to support them.

I like to shop at Basics since I feel I can ‘let my guard down’ while shopping for whatever I need. I easily find products and options that align with how I want to feed myself and my family at Basics. From flours to sweeteners to drinks, the Co-op does a great job finding and/or stocking products I can often not find anywhere else. This may sound silly, but at the top of my list of favorites is gum. My kids love gum. Finding a gum they enjoy that also meets my ingredient check list is challenging. Whenever I say we are heading to the Co-op, my kids ask if they can get gum! The deli is a highlight of every visit, as well.

I sincerely appreciate the knowledge and encouragement I have received at the Co-op when starting some new random health journey and I am not sure where to begin. Basics continually makes the world of health friendly and inviting.

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