For over 10,000 years humans have depended on soil. Today, soil depends on us.

Due to agricultural processes including higher volume tillage and the use of pesticides and fertilizers—the health of our soil is decreasing at an alarming rate, and without healthy soil, we face more pollution and less cultivation.

The Land Institute seeks to develop perennial crop agriculture that will save soil from being lost, while promoting a community life at once prosperous and enduring.

Through perennial grains and intercropping systems including Kernza, Sorghum, Silphium, Perennial Wheat, Legumes, the Global Inventory Project, and ecological succession—The Land Institute is providing:

  • Soil protection and formation
  • Maximizing soil organic matter
  • Resistance to pathogens and insects
  • Regulated nutrient losses
  • Weed suppression
  • High-functioning soil microbiome
  • Reduced fossil fuel dependence
  • Carbon and nutrient retention

Cascadian Farm is helping drive the cause for healthy soil by giving back. From 2/14 to 2/27 of 2018, they will donate 3% of all Cascadian Farm sales at participating co-op retailers to The Land Institute—working together to make an impact on healthy soil, and a healthier planet. National Co-op Grocers, of which Basics is a member-owner, will then provide a matching donation!

From 2/14-2/27/18, stock up on Cascadian Farm organic granola, granola bars and cereal at the Co-op (all on special during the fundraiser) to help The Land Institute grow their impact!

3% of all Cascadian Farm’s revenues from Cascadian Farm products sold at participating co-op retailers located in the United States between 2/14/18-2/27/18 will be donated by Cascadian Farm to The Land Institute. Maximum total donation to The Land Institute from Cascadian Farm is $25,000.