Joan Davis, MS, RN

Joan Davis, MS, RN

6-7:30pm Wed. 3/28/18 in the Basics Community Room

Whole food plant-based eating with its focus on unprocessed foods and fruits, vegetables, beans and grains appeals to many Americans, but they have questions about HOW one can move from our Standard American Diet to healthier meals and snacks.

This program with popular presenter Joan Davis, MS, RN Plant-based Nutrition expert will review successful transition strategies using demonstrations, role playing and interactive activities!

A Dozen Questions we’ll munch on as we slant towards plants:

  1. Don’t humans need meat to be healthy?
  2. Where will I get my protein?
  3. Will I get enough to eat or will I be hungry all the time?
  4. Will I get bored, eating only salads?
  5. Am I going to be spending all my time in the kitchen?
  6. Do I need to throw out all my old favorite recipes?
  7. Can I afford to eat this way?
  8. What about desserts? Do Coffee, Wine & Beer fit in a plant- based diet?
  9. Won’t I have cravings?
  10. How do I know if a food product is plant-based and unprocessed?
  11. How about eating out?
  12. Won’t my carnivore friends think I’m “weird?”

The focus will be practical hints and demonstrations to build the confidence of attendees as they aim towards healthier nutrition for themselves and their families. As always, Joan promises a program with NO nagging or lecturing, and a little bit of fun and humor! 

Cost: $8 for Basics Co-op Owners, $10 for general public.