Entering the Blue Zones: How to Live Vibrantly to Your 90’s and Beyond!

10am Saturday, April 6 in the The Community Room

Would you like to take a virtual trip across the globe searching for secrets to healthy aging?

Follow in the footsteps of National Geographic adventurer Dan Buettner, author of the best-selling The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. Joan Davis, RN, MS, Nurse-Educator will act as your travel guide.

You'll journey to the 5 "Blue Zones" where lucky residents manage to live long & vibrant lives without the chronic disease so common in our society. Learn what these elders are doing right and gain practical tips for incorporating health-promoting longevity strategies into your own life. Samples of Blue Zone foods will be available for tasting.

The Blue Zones organization is also offering a free 4 week challenge you can join. All kinds of FREE resources and motivation for a new, healthier YOU! Learn more in class.    

Grab your suitcase, magnifying glass, & detective hat & make your reservation for this enlightening armchair journey!

Cost: $10