Golden Bear Farm is located in rural Kiel, Wisconsin, not far from the Sheboygan River. 

Golden Bear Farm girl.jpg

Owner Steve Deibele grew up in Kiel, then spent several years in California working as an electrical engineer before returning to Wisconsin with his wife Marie, where they have spent many more years building and growing their sustainable family farm. 

Golden Bear Farm pigs have free access to barley, field peas, kelp and molasses, along with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. They are allowed to live as naturally as possible, and are never fed GMO's or treated with hormones or antibiotics. The pastures they are rotated on are certified organic, and they thrive on an abundance of fresh water, fresh air and sunshine. 

Should you find yourself in their neck of the woods, you are welcome to stop by the farm for a visit!

"Golden Bear Farm is located near the Sheboygan River, just north of the Millhome Supper Club on Lax Chapel Rd. The farm pastures are set against the beautiful Walla Hi woodlands, home to deer, coyote, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys and a wide variety of other birds. Enjoy taking peaceful walks through the woods while keeping your eyes open for nature at it’s best. Come see why they all love living here."


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