Let It Ride Cold Brewed Coffee is made in Madison, WI with Just Coffee Co-op coffee beans, which are the same organic fair-trade beans we use in the Basics coffee shop!   

Let It Ride is cold-extracted for a prolonged period of time to provide a low acidity, highly caffeinated functional beverage. Batches are brewed twice weekly to continually supply the Madison area with fresh product.

Here are just a few ways this local company is eco-friendly and socially responsible:

  • All spent coffee grounds are used as a nitrogen source on a local farm
  • Roasted only by organic and fair trade roasters
  • Returned bottles are washed and sanitized for reuse 
  • The only waste generated is the back of the vinyl labels
  • The beans are delivered in buckets which are repurposed or reused
  • Let It Ride personally picks up the bottles needed so they aren't shipped in packing peanuts
  • They use and support local businesses for the products and services they need

More About the Product

  • Low in acidity
  • High in caffeine
  • Smooth - many people who don't like hot coffee love our cold brewed coffee
  • Excellent on hot summer days
  • Great it in cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Delicious in a cold brew float
  • A healthy, natural and convenient energy drink