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Violet Rose Flatbread

Violet Rose Flatbread


Coralia Harn of Madison produces these gourmet crackers that are PACKED with flavor! 

Harn is the originator of the locally famous Stella's spicy cheese bread which is now produced at the Bread Barn on Madison's West Side and owned by her daughter.  Harn produces the gourmet crackers in a connected space.

Coralia Harn began in business with her husband Max Harn Sr. raising grass-fed beef.  When her husband passed away 6 years ago, she switched to making crackers because it was the most unusual thing she could think of.


Harn visited Provence over 20 years ago, which served as inspiration for her crackers.  "Violet Rose" was named after one of her grandmothers.

Violet Rose Flatbread has fresh, savory flavor choices that make it the perfect accompaniment to cheeses and spreads.  You can find it in Aisle 3 near the cheese case!