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As summer approaches, we reach for more fruity and fun beverages. But, so many of them contain artificial flavors and sugars. Wisco Pop to the rescue!

Wisconsin Pop Beverage Company crafts all of their sodas and sparkling waters using organic fruit juices, roots, and herbs. Their drinks are also certified organic and contain no pesticides, GMOs, or artificial colors/preservatives.

They are also super local, as they are based in beautiful Viroqua, Wisconsin!

So, when you’re out looking for a refreshing new beverage to try, stop by the Co-op and grab a bottle of Wisco Pop! Cherry, Ginger, Grapefruit, or Strawberry soda from the cooler. The cherry is a special treat, with a touch of organic vanilla beans and organic cinnamon! Or, reach for a 4-pack of Lime, Lemon or Ginger Sparkle unsweetened sparking water from the beverage aisle.

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