Meat Look-alike Plant Proteins


Why would health food shoppers or vegetarians even want to eat foods that mimic meat? Hidden in that question is a common myth - that everyone who eats plant proteins does so for animal welfare alone!

Of course, decreasing meat consumption has that effect, but there are other excellent reasons. These include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, and numerous personal health benefits like switching out saturated fats with plant fats to lower the risk of heart disease.

Easily adapt these modern look-alikes into meals that traditionally contain meat!

Sophie’s Kitchen

Try your favorite tuna macaroni salad with Sophie’s Kitchen Vegan Toona, made with pea protein.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat makes Beefy Crumbles for spaghetti or tacos, Beyond Burger patties, new Beyond Sausage brats and Italian sausage, and more- all made primarily with pea protein. Thanks to the addition of beet juice, some people say the Beyond Burger’s appearance is even “a little to real”!

jun 19 tofurky chorizo.jpg


To make Tofurky chorizo enchiladas (contains organic soy): divide into 8 of your favorite tortillas, roll tightly and place into baking dish. Cover with enchilada sauce and bake for about 30 minutes at 425 degrees. Top with Daiya cheddar-style shreds, return to oven until melted. Serve with lots of fresh cilantro and chopped onions.

Just Egg

Just Egg plant-based scramble is made primarily with garbanzo beans. Fry some up to toss with your favorite stir-fry veggies, coconut or Bragg’s aminos and cooked brown rice for another easy weeknight meal.

Quorn, No Evil, Nature’s Bakery, Upton’s and Sweet Earth also make deliciously seasoned alternatives to chicken nuggets, shredded pork or chicken, barbecue and even bacon. When in doubt, ask your co-op staff for a recommendation!