Why Mushrooms?

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With all the hype about obscure, recently discovered superfoods, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cancer-fighting, cholesterol-lowering weight loss food that is also easy to find and affordable? Oh wait, there is!

In multiple studies, mushrooms have been found to suppress breast cancer growth. One study found that women who ate the equivalent of just 1 mushroom per day had a 64% lower chance of developing breast cancer. The best part is, this was not just true for specialty mushrooms but also common varieties like white button and cremini.

Mushrooms are full of specific types of fiber and phytonutrients that keep you full, feed your healthy gut bacteria (prebiotics), detoxify, and prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries.

The benefits of the many vitamins and minerals in mushrooms are literally too numerous to list in a short blog post. Mushrooms are truly one of the original “superfoods” that humans have been eating for health and wellness for centuries.

All this and they’re low carb too!

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For those who don’t mind (or even enjoy) the texture…

Mushrooms provide savory flavor to any meal without extra sodium! You might be surprised to learn that the maximum nutrition content is retained by grilling or microwaving. Good news for portabella burger lovers!

Although some of the benefits are accessible raw, cooking mushrooms breaks through their tough cell wall to easily access the full spectrum of nutrients inside. Frozen or dried mushrooms are a good alternative for harder-to-find varieties and can also be added to soups, stews, and sautés of all kinds.

Modern Cheats

Food science is the best! You can now access mushroom nutrition in a capsule, like with Gaia Herbs Mushrooms + Herbs or MyCommunity by Host Defense in Aisle 6. You can even drink it in your coffee! Try the line of mushroom coffees by Four Sigmatic in Aisle 10.