Michael Burmeister

The burmeister family has been growing ginseng for over 100 years!

Over 100 years ago, Michael’s great grandfather, Julius Burmeister, learned how to grow and cultivate ginseng.

Michael’s foray into the ginseng business came while taking business classes at UW-Madison. By the time Michael left college, he was the top producer of American ginseng in the US. Today, Michael grows ginseng in Wausau, WI.

American ginseng contains no caffeine and in 1983 the FDA recognized American ginseng as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food. Ginseng consumption has increased since 2012 when the Mayo Clinic published a study on American ginseng and fatigue.


Burmeister Ginseng can be found in Aisle 6 (energy) and Aisle 10 (tea).