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Bonalyn Barker, featured Co-op Owner

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My husband and I have been Co-op Owners for over five years.  We joined because of the wide selection of healthy, natural products, and because of the emphasis on LOCAL. 

In addition to the sense of community, we also were drawn to the integrity of products.  As a consumer, it's really difficult to research every brand, so the fact that Basics does this in advance gives us a lot of peace of mind.  

I recently took a wellness class at Basics, and it inspired me to start making my own tinctures again, so I stocked up on high-quality herbs from Basics' bulk section.  The health benefits have been profound--my grandchildren even like to help me make them!

Here's how to make a tincture:

  • Use a glass jar and fill it with half of the herbs

  • Fill the jar with vodka, brandy, honey, or cider vinegar

  • Store in a warm dark place

  • For the first week, shake the jar daily to mix the contents

  • After about 4 weeks, strain the contents into a small dropper bottle using a cheesecloth (Basics sells empty droppers too)

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