The important connection between vitamin D and Magnesium

“Going to soak up some vitamin D” is something you might say heading outside on a sunny summer day. But did you know your body’s ability to metabolize, or activate it for use in the body, depends on magnesium?

Multiple studies estimate that 50-75% of us are likely magnesium deficient! This means that even when we do get the recommended daily dose of sun exposure, or even if we supplement with vitamin D, our bodies have no choice but to store it rather than use it.

The good news? Research has suggested that consuming magnesium can reduce the risk of vitamin D deficiency. Magnesium content in many foods has declined over time, due to modern industrial farming methods. Good sources still include dark chocolate, avocados, nuts and seeds.

Magnesium is readily available as a supplement in many forms, including the popular drink mix powder CALM. Magnesium + vitamin D is also an option.

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