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trade up for healthier baking

Natural food substitutions abound at the Co-op. From zero calorie sweeteners to alternative flours, we’ve got your nutrition, flavor, and waistline covered!

Ingredient: shortening

Trade up: coconut oil, 100% grass-fed tallow, certified sustainable palm oil

Why? heart-healthier fats instead of hydrogenated fats

Ingredient: sugar

Trade up: stevia, erythritol or xylitol (sugar alcohols), or coconut palm sugar

Why? lower (or zero) calories, lower glycemic index, and/or retained vitamins & minerals

Ingredient: bleached white flour

Trade up: flour made from almonds, cassava, coconut, beans, brown rice

Why? retained fiber, vitamins & minerals, higher protein, fewer carbohydrates and more complex/slower-digesting carbohydrates

Ingredient: semi-sweet chocolate

Trade up: carob, cacao, dark chocolate, stevia-sweetened chocolate

Why? less sugar, more fiber, suitable for vegetarian/vegan diets

The best reason to trade up? Flavor! You might be surprised to find that nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients actually taste better and keep you satisfied longer. Happy baking!

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