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Clover Meadows Family Farm

The 15 cows at Clover Meadows Family Farm, in Marathon County, WI, are 100% grass fed. During the growing season they graze outdoors, and their winter feed is biodynamically grown grass hay. The cows are not given any antibiotics or synthetic hormones. 

What makes these cows special, in addition to their great health, is that they produce only A2 beta-casein proteins in their milk! Why does that matter?

From the Clover Meadows website:

"Most modern dairy cows in America produce A1 beta-casein proteins. The original milk protein is called A2 and found mostly in heritage breeds. Scientists have determined that A1 beta casein, at position 67, can break down in our stomachs to produce a casamorphin called BCM7. This is a powerful opioid with narcotic properties. Scientists have linked A1 beta casein in milk to heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, schizophrenia, some milk intolerance and autoimmune diseases."

While scientists have argued for years whether A2 milk is conclusively healthier for us than milk containing A1 beta-casein only, or a mix of the two, there is widespread agreement that the breakdown of A2 beta-casein does not cause this same inflammatory reaction.

Grass fed? check.

No hormones or antibiotics? check.

Non-homogenized? check.

Easier to digest? check.

We hope you'll give this delicious new milk and yoghurt a try, now located in the fresh dairy case. 


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