Mowerman Marty smoked sea salt 8oz.jpg

all natural smoked sea salt with no msg

made in McFarland, WI

"Mowerman Marty" is a good man to know! As the owner of Martin Services, LLC, Marty P. Agamaite is both a connoisseur of locally made foods...AND a jack of all trades who specializes in small engine parts!

Marty's past experience includes over two decades in the restaurant business, so when he set out to sell his own spice blends he knew the winning combination had to include both flavor and impeccable customer service. "Old School Integrity & Values" are his calling card, so all of Marty's spices are personally distributed and backed by The Mowerman himself. 

Enjoy just-smoked flavor any time without the expertise or 12-hour wait! Find Mowerman Marty's local smoked sea salt at the end of Aisle 9 at Basics.


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