Staff Anniversaries

Thank you for your dedication to the Co-op!

new owners

Help us welcome the following new Co-op Owners!

  • Katie Becker
  • Jaime Benedict
  • Debra Cmar
  • Summer Dufer
  • Larry Garrett
  • Judy Hansberry
  • Carol Heath
  • Patrice Helgerson
  • Ryan Hesper
  • Jill Jones
  • Kim Karow
  • John Kislia
  • Harvey Kucaba
  • Tim Kuntz
  • Jill Marling
  • Patrick Mueller
  • Philip Nich
  • Jan Perrin
  • Amanda Smith
  • Tina Spence
  • Laura Worachek
  • Anne Zarinnia

3 national observances near and dear to us in october

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Basics Co-op Owner Fran Peyer

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bicycle benefits - NEW! 

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