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The Roth creamery is located in Monroe, Wisconsin, and uses 100% rBST-free milk from dairy farmers in the area! 

Roth is a family of cheesemakers who have crafted award-winning specialty cheese for more than 150 years. They are hands-on throughout the cheesemaking process--from cutting the curd, to washing the rind, hand-rubbing spices, and obsessing over every detail.

Roth Cellars Private Reserve is an award-winning Alpine-style cheese. It won 2nd place at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest!  This cheese is made in traditional copper vats, and aged for a minimum of six months. The interior paste is an ivory-butter color, and offers flavors of hazelnuts, almonds and sweet cream, and a pronounced but balanced saltiness.

You can find several award-winning Roth cheeses in our dairy case near the deli. Blocks and wedges, hard cheeses and soft - try them all!