It’s so much more than savings!

According to the National Cooperative Business Association…

  • One third of Americans have ownership in a cooperative.

  • For every $1 that is spent at a food co-op, $1.60 is generated in the local economy!

  • Nearly a million of the nation’s farmers belong to a cooperative, accounting for 55% of the total U.S. agriculture sales.

  • Electric co-ops account for more than one third of the nation’s electric utility industry, powering over 18 million homes, schools and businesses.

  • Co-op day cares reduce childcare costs for working parents by as much as 85%.

  • U.S. co-ops provide nearly 2 million jobs and create more than $74 billion in annual wages with revenue of nearly $650 billion.

October is Co-op Month!

Although you don’t have to be an Owner to shop at Basics, we think the benefits of ownership are pretty great.

In addition to the many discounts you get in return for your Owner investment, you help Basics create a vibrant local economy that puts people before profits and keeps profits within our community. You help us share knowledge with our community about health, nutrition, local farmers and great food. You support more than 150 local producers while enjoying thousands of fresh, healthy foods, nutritional supplements and sustainable products.

During the month of October, everyone who joins the Co-op will be entered to WIN a $100 Basics Gift Card + $100 worth of Co+op Basics everyday low price products!

As a cooperative, Basics will always be locally owned - by the community, for the community. Everyone will always be welcome to shop. If you are not yet a member of the co-op, we hope you’ll consider joining us today. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy Co-op Month 2019!