Ocean State Pepper Co.

Ocean State Pepper Co.

With names like Cow-Abunga and U Wanna Pizza Me? these fun and fresh spice blends by Janesville native Dave Conner are a must-have addition to your summer grilling.

Violet Rose Flatbread

Violet Rose Flatbread


Coralia Harn of Madison produces these gourmet crackers that are PACKED with flavor! 

Harn is the originator of the locally famous Stella's spicy cheese bread which is now produced at the Bread Barn on Madison's West Side and owned by her daughter.  Harn produces the gourmet crackers in a connected space.

Coralia Harn began in business with her husband Max Harn Sr. raising grass-fed beef.  When her husband passed away 6 years ago, she switched to making crackers because it was the most unusual thing she could think of.


Harn visited Provence over 20 years ago, which served as inspiration for her crackers.  "Violet Rose" was named after one of her grandmothers.

Violet Rose Flatbread has fresh, savory flavor choices that make it the perfect accompaniment to cheeses and spreads.  You can find it in Aisle 3 near the cheese case!  



Basics has the area's largest selection of vegan products.  You'll find delicious vegan options in every department.  Our helpful staff will be happy to help you find what you need!




Collagen is essential for healthy bones, joints and skin. Find out why you might choose to get extra in your diet with a collagen supplement.

Slow Pokes Coconut Kefir Cream

Slow Pokes Coconut Kefir Cream


This coconut milk kefir, or kefir cream, is dairy-free and made by Slow Pokes Food in Grafton, WI.  It is delivered to Basics by our all-Wisconsin vendor Trust Local Foods.

Slow Pokes Local Food has been producing delicious, nutrient-dense foods from scratch since 2006. At their storefront in Grafton they specialize in gluten-free, raw, vegan, vegetarian and fermented products.

Wonderful small local farmers supply them with many of the ingredients they use. Their signature kefir is made by hand, in small batches, and fermented slowly.

Slow Pokes' Coconut Kefir is a first for Wisconsin, and we're thrilled to carry it in our dairy section!  


Just a few ways to use Kefir Cream


On granola or in hot cereal

In a smoothie

Over fruit

On top of dessert

On chilis, soups, and stews

Between your favorite cookies

Layer in a parfait

As a salad dressing base


RPs Pasta

RPs Pasta

RPs on shelf-optimized.jpg

Peter Robertson is a Master Pasta Maker and founded RPs Pasta, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin!

RP's uses artisan pasta making techniques including making pasta in small batches on Italian machines, using a hand rolled process, and extruding pasta though brass dies. These methods produce pasta with a true “al dente” texture.

RP's sticks by the motto “Farm to Fork with a Conscience”.  Their ravioli and tortellini are filled with quality Wisconsin cheeses and Wisconsin grown vegetables.

Their fresh, certified gluten free pasta begins with the very best California brown rice. 

Find RP's fresh, all-natural pasta at Basics in the refrigerated section.

Note:  RP's Pasta will be will soon be transitioning over to a new dedicated brand, Taste Republic.  Watch for a new package design with the new name!  Importantly, the pasta recipes will remain the same! 

Activated Charcoal Products

Activated Charcoal Products

Activated Charcoal

charcoal optimized.jpg

Dating as far back as 400 BCE,  activated charcoal has been used to purify water, and research suggests it may support total body cleansing due to its highly absorptive properties. 

Activated charcoal is a natural internal detoxifier, popularly used to help cleanse the body of unwanted materials. 

We also carry options containing activated charcoal in many of our personal care products including toothpaste, body and facial scrubs, cleansers and masks.

Sartori Cheese

Sartori Cheese

Located in Plymouth, Wisconsin (near Sheboygan), Sartori is a 4th-generation family owned business! 



Fizzeology is family-owned & operated and works out of the The Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua, Wisconsin.  They produce certified organic, fermented vegetables.  

The company is committed to strengthening local community by sourcing ingredients from small, local, organic farms.  Their mission is to raise health awareness, one gut at a time, marketing real food products in harmony with nature.

The team at Fizzeology passionately ferments delicious organic foods that supply energy to the body and aid natural detoxification.  Educating the public on the benefits of eating raw, fermented, local and organic foods is a high priority to them, and we're proud to help them promote their quality products!

Look for the line of Fizzeology products in our dairy cooler!

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