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Superior Fresh

Superior Fresh

NEW fresh aquaponic organic greens from Hixton, WI!

Tipi Produce

Tipi Produce

Tipi Produce is located in Evansville, WI and is committed to growing fresh organic produce!

Party Platters

Party Platters

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party platters

WOW all of the guests at your next party with our legendary made to order party platters for pickup or local delivery!

These are available for local delivery within the Janesville city limits (only $5 per order), or we can have them ready for you to pick up.

Large trays serve approximately 25-30 guests; small 10-15 guests.

Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M.

Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M.

Sustainably Grown Produce & Purely Raised Beef

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Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M. (fertility and resource management) is a small family farm in Janesville, WI that supplies produce and beef to Basics Cooperative. They are committed to the philosophy and practice of making choices that support ecological diversity and renewal. Amazing Grace is owned and operated by the Blakeneys and Kassel-Blakeneys, who are also longtime Basics supporters and Co-op Owners.


Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M. has been producing healthy food since 1976. They are committed to a system of food production that promotes life and conserves natural resources by employing techniques rooted in regeneration and renewal. They believe that these choices provide the health-minded, socially-conscious consumer a sustainable means to a good end.

About the Produce


Amazing Grace cultivates over 40 categories of produce and multiple varieties within those categories, most of which are distributed through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  The most popular types of produce are also grown on a larger scale for farmers markets, grocery stores such as Basics, and recently, our local school systems! Their CSA runs from the last week in May through the first week in October.  For more information, click here:  CSA brochure.

About the Beef


Amazing Grace Family F.A.R.M.'s beef cattle are raised in pastures and are never kept in confinement. Supplemental feed (mainly a mix of alfalfa, grasses, and clover) is grown right at the farm so they know exactly what it contains, and antibiotics are used only when absolutely necessary. All beef is processed at a USDA inspected butcher, and is sold frozen at Basics to maintain the highest quality. Find their ground beef, steaks, roasts, stew meat and beef soup bones in aisle 10!